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The Perfect Day Trip

Don H. from Hampton, NJ writes:  A great place for kids of all ages to have fun, always neat and clean.  Good food too!

Michael T. from Wayne, NJ writes:  The best time Ive had in a long time.  Everything was so easy.   Short lines, great people.  My two young sons had a blast.

Joseph F. from Brooklyn, NY writes:  Thanks for a great time!  The price of admission is well worth the visit especially compared to other parks in Jersey.  The food was better than most parks too.  I was there with my wife and 4 year old son 2 weeks ago.  We are coming back with my 3 nephews, and sister and brother in law.

Luis D. of Newark, NJ writes:  At the Land of Make Believe, their prices are so great that you may not believe it!  Its a great place for the entire family to enjoy.  I have been going to this awesome place with my three kids since they were young.  Now they are 25, 23, and 17 years old, and we still visit.  Now is the time for my grandson, a 3 year old, to visit.  He is vacationing from Texas and the first place that he will be going to on Saturday the 25th will of course be the Land of Make Believe.  I also have a granddaughter who will later visit (she is 4 months old).  And so I thank the employees and staff involved or working at Land of Make Believe, for allowing my family and I to enjoy such a wonderful place.  Thank You.

Theodora E. from Old Bridge, NJ writes:  I love the Land of Make Believe because when I went there for my field trip it was so much fun!  My best friend and I had a lot of fun.

Janet D. from Bronx, NY writes:  I was there years ago with my children.  Never thought I would return.  I saw something on TV, went online to your website and decided to take my 3 year old grandson there.  Am I glad we did!  The price was good, the park was clean and not overly large.  My grandson had the greatest time and my husband and I enjoyed watching him enjoy himself.  We are planning a return trip.

Lynn S. from Lincoln Park, NJ writes:  My son and I love the place, so do all my nieces and nephews.  Its a great place for families to go and have great fun.

Mary D. from Piscataway, NJ writes:  It is the best place ever!  I like the water park the best!  The water slides are fantastic!  I wish I could go to the Land of Make Believe every day!

Jamala H. from Bushkill, PA writes:  I took my children to LOMB and we all had a blast.  This park is fun and family oriented.  The water park is soooo much fun.  We cant wait to visit again.

Samantha S. from Old Bridge, NJ writes:  I have been coming to this park since I was just a child, and now that both my parents have passed I simply cannot wait to bring my 3 year old.   Thank you for always being there throughout the generations.

Christina H. from Monroe, NJ writes:  This is our 6th year going.  It gets better every year!

Marie S. from Bronx, NY writes:  Took our grandkids to LOMB for the first time in 2006.  Weve been going ever since.

Cookie from Newark, NJ writes:  LOMB, Ive seen your commercial and I think that you under estimate the park.  LOMB was out of this world.  I loved it.  Most importantly, my children loved it.  Thank you so much for providing such service to my family.  We cant wait to return.

Nicole B. from Wallington, NJ writes:  I used to go to your park when I was a kid.  Now I like to take my two girls.

Jean M. from Bound Brook, NJ writes:  Have been coming for 30 years since my children were little.  Then the only ride was the pumpkin, hayride and Santas House.  We will be visiting again within the next 2 weeks so that our youngest grandchildren can enjoy the park for the day.  They will be visiting from South Carolina.

John C. from Kearny, NJ writes:  We love LOMB because it has so much stuff to do to keep our triplets very busy and entertained.  Thank You.

Billy B. from Sussex, NJ writes:  This is one of the best amusement parks.  There is something for every one in the family.  I highly recommend for a must do on a summer day.

Barb S. of Andover/Greendell, NJ writes:  Its a long one folks, but youre worth every word!  Congratulations!  Thank you for all the years you have continuously maintained an excellent family-owned amusement park & brought so much enjoyment to all those crossing your gates!!!  Being a resident of Greendell, NJ for 28 years & in fairly close proximity to your park in Hope, we visit several times each season & have never been disappointed.  The level of cleanliness, safety, affordability, polite service, wholesome family amusement/waterpark fun, combined with rural charm in a tranquil setting can compare to none other!!  You are what children of all ages dream of & what their parents dream of for them in this day and age.  My daughter at 4 years of age, when asked by Santa what she would like for Christmas, replied a kiss & to live here! at 9 years of age, she still tells him that!  The close proximity between amusements and water attractions are simple steps away!  We love the Lazy River (being in our early 50s, as well as our 80 year old Mom & 9 year old daughter).  Theres tons for everyone!  Enjoy the Pirates Plunge, Black Hole, Train, Pirate Fort & ship-pool to lounge and watch the children frolic in safety and fun.  Please continue to maintain your hometown quality of excellence & not bow down to the commercialized hype of so many other family attractions.  You are truly one of the few family gems left in our pristine corner of NJ.  Be proud of what you continue to accomplish!  See you soon!

Susan H. of Putnam Valley, NY writes:  LOMB is a wonderful place for the kids, friends, and family.  A whole day of fun rolled into one.  We have been coming every year for the past four years and the kids and I are looking forward to visiting real soon.

Kim L. of Rochelle Park, NJ writes:  We recently took our son, he is two and a half.  We had a blast, especially him.  He was able to go on almost all of the rides.  The setup is great, not too far to walk between attractions.  The setup with the water park right there is great!  When we got hot on rides, we were able to go into the waterpark to cool off, then come back in to have lunch.  It was awesome.  We cant wait to go again and would recommend it to anyone!

Francesa of NJ writes:  This is the BEST place on earth.  Keep doing what youre doing.  I love it, and my little cousins love it.  Dont stop this park!  YOU ROCK!

Kristi OC of Wyckoff, NJ writes:  My boys 5 & 8 look forward to visiting your park every summer.  It has become a day trip tradition.  Now we are up to myself and two of my friends going, with 6 children ranging in ages 3-8.  We love it.  From the water park to the rides, the reasonably priced concession, to the interaction in the show, to the convenience from our home.  You really have a great place!!

Daniella of Lake Hiawatha, NJ writes:  The first time I came here I was only 6 years old.  It was such a great place with nice atmosphere.  I am now turning 16 in a few months and I am not embarrassed to say that I will be visiting and riding all the rides with my cousin sometime soon in the summer.

Christine W. of  Unadilla, NY writes:  We visited a few years ago and had a great time.  We have twins now just turned one.  The park and water is great for them.  As for the older ones (13 & 17), theyre in it for the water!  We have a great time.  Its just 3 hours from upstate NY (Roscoe/Walton area).  Take the scenic route through PA.  No highways.  Great relaxing ride.  THANK YOU.

Wayne L. of Easton, PA writes:  Always a delightful place to go.  I love it and glad it has lasted for years.  It is full of memories.

Tracey B. of Haskell, NJ writes:  THANK YOU LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE for proving to me that families still have a place to visit in todays world where everyone of all ages can have a great time.  I took my sister, brother-in-law and 2 nephews (ages 22 months and 13 years old) out for the day to LOMB.  All I can say is the 3 adults had just as great a time as the 2 children did.  There was something for everyone to do from the waterpark, to the attractions and to the rides.  We were completely entertained.  We are already planning our next trip back this season.  LOMB is our new park of choice!

Paula F. of Union, NJ writes:  Great water park, even my 14 year old enjoys the park.

Barbara M. of East Windsor, NJ writes:  I have always seen the sign on my way to NY state and decided this was an ideal place to take my great nieces for a day.

Grace Van D. of Mahwah, NJ writes:  We were bringing our children there since our oldest was 8 years old and our kids loved it.  Now our oldest is 25, with a son of his own and he loves the Land of Make Believe.  Its a fun place for people of all ages.

Shari D. of Blairstown, NJ writes:  On Friday (6/22/07), I brought my 2 daughters.  I remember visiting the Land of Make Believe when I was a little girl.  It was a joy bringing my children and having them share the same childhood memory as I did.  My favorite time was seeing my daughters faces being astounded by the talking scarecrow.  He was full of funny jokes.  I remember having the same thing happen to me.  I loved being surprised with Colonel Corn talking to me.  Also, the water slides were so much fun!  Great job to the Land of Make Believe staff and keep doing what youre doing!!

Judy C. of Dupont, PA writes:  My daughter loved your park when she was little and now we will be returning with the next generation.  Hope to win free tickets and see you soon!

Marlyna D. of New Brunswick, NJ writes:  Its a great place to have fun and it is close to home.


Antoinette of Pequannock, NJ writes:  I took my 8 year old and 2 year old to LOMB yesterday (6/24/07).  It was awesome!  Both kids had plenty to do.  It was extremely clean.  There were numerous lifeguards in the pool area.  The water was very clean.  My older son is already asking to go back!  It was a great experience.  Keep up the good work LOMB!

Dawn M. of Garwood, NJ writes:  We took our daughter here and loved it.  No waits on line, courteous staff, low prices and park was very clean.  I came here 30 years ago and loved it and now my daughter loves it too.  Cant wait to come again!!

Dawn K. of Hamilton, NJ writes:  Looking for something to do one day about 5 years ago and now we come back every year with the kids.  We love it.

Lindsey J. of Astoria, NY writes:  I think the Land of Make Believe is the best!  Between lounging in its giant pool, relaxing on the lazy river, or riding every single ride, the Land of Make Believe was a blast!  I really enjoyed my day here and would recommend it to anyone, big or small, who wants to have a great day hanging out!

Steve of Lake Hiawatha, NJ writes:  Went on 6/26/07 with my wife and two kids, ages 3 and 2.  What a great place for kids.  Temp was 95, hazy, hot and humid.  Stayed most of the day in the water.  Dont know who liked it more, me or the kids.  Park was very clean, staff was pleasant.

Cathy S. of Caldwell, NJ writes:  We visited your park today for the second time this year.  Even though it was the last day of the summer season, it was still spotless and as well run as though it were the first.  My kids love the waterpark and participating in the show, as well as the rides of course.  We as parents cant tell you how much we appreciate the great service, cleanliness and reasonable prices.  How nice to bring your children to an amusement park that is not blaring sound, sight and smell at you right and left.  I feel as though I stepped back in time to a magical place in the forest that is full of happy kids and even happier adults.  Thank you for providing such a safe and super place -- we cant wait to visit again!

John S. of Leonia, NJ writes:  Went to a family picnic recently and my parents reminded me of my 10th birthday party at LOMB 40 years ago.  Well, Im back and cant believe the fun I had with my wife and son for his 10th birthday with his friends.  This is a true GOLD MINE on the East Coast that brings back fond memories of my childhood.  Now with addition of water rides, it is the best place for a family to have fun.  I cant believe that I waited this long to return to the excitement.  It doesnt get any better than this for local fun.  I cant thank you enough for bringing a tear of joy to my eyes seeing my son with his electric smile, showing both uppers and lowers, as well as the screams that the boys made on the water rides.  SEE YA!! At the water slides with my son and his friends for years to come.

Julie C. of West Orange, NJ writes:  About a month ago we went to Great Adventure (6 Flags) and my 3 year old niece was turned away from many rides due to her size.  For her birthday this year I took her, her mom, dad and baby brother to LOMB.  She had a BLAST!!!  She loved the fact that she could go on whatever she wanted to.  I loved the smile on her face all day!  Her baby brother loved the pool in the water park.  Next year for their birthdays, my gift to them is a day at LOMB!  Thank you for a wonderful day with my niece and nephew!

Katie M. of Little Falls, NJ writes:  Great fun for all.  I had children from ages 2-12 and all enjoyed a good time.  The park is neat and clean and fun for the entire family.  Well be back!

Neeks of (Unknown) NJ writes:  I had a great time in Land of Make Believe.  Colonel Corn was a lot of fun to talk to.  It was nice seeing Santa early in Santas Barn.  The WWII fighter plane was interesting.  I love every waterslide.  For people who plan on going, MUST TRY Sidewinder and Pirates Plunge.  The staff was very friendly.  Ive been there twice and plan on making a third, fourth, fifth trip and so on!

Linda H. of Somerset, NJ writes:  I went there on a class trip as a very young child.  I never forget my trip there and Jenny Jump Mt.  I wanted my daughters and granddaughters to enjoy the same happy feeling I had as a child.  LOMB is a TRUE family vacation spot and I hope to have my family continue the tradition.  As I type this, my oldest daughter and her family are on their way there now, and I hope that all of my daughters will enjoy the trip to your wonderful park with my grandchildren, and just possibly more generations to follow.

Lynn B. of Morris Plains, NJ writes:  I have been going to Land of Make Believe for 15 years.  I have started by taking my nieces and now I take my children who are 8 and 9.  We love going to Land of Make Believe because there are never long lines and it is so much fun.  It is also not expensive to go there.  My children love going to Land of Make Believe and my niece, who is now 18, still has a blast when she goes there.  So it is good for all ages.  We will be making another trip there very soon.  Thank You.

Karen S. of Staten Island, NY writes:  I first went to Land of Make Believe when I was about 7 years old.  Now I am 38 and Ive been taking my children, ages 4 & 11.  It really is a make believe place.

Julie M. of Bethlehem, PA writes:  I went here as a child, and I want my child to share the great time I had too!

Barb P. of Elmwood Park, NJ writes:  I have been coming to Land of Make Believe since I was 2 years old (I am now 54) and brought my daughters there as children, and now we are bringing their babies!  I love the gift shop because it brings back a lot of memories and also seeing Santa still at his home is a real treat!!!  Thanks for still being here!  PSThe Lazy River is great!

Nidia C. of Jersey City, NJ writes:  We loved every minute of it!!!!!

Nicole O. of Carbondale, PA writes:  A friend told me about your park, and said she has a wonderful time there, and it was a great park.  Perfect for any family.  So I had to check you out.  I will be coming to the park in the future.

Laura H. of Little Falls, NJ writes:  We seem to visit Land of Make Believe almost every year since my son was 2.  Now he is 9 and my daughter is 5.  Love it there and feel like it is a safe environment to take my kids and their friends.  Thanks for many years of enjoyment.

Manuel O. of Bronx, NY writes:  LOMB is one of the greatest family destinations I have ever been to.  My 8 year old and 2 year old went on almost every ride.  The show was really nice, and the price is perfect.  The water park was so much fun.  We spent the whole day there.  LOMB is excellent.

Patricia V. of Piscataway, NJ writes:  We went last year and my 2 year old son loved it!!  We are going today and we are all so excited.  Please keep up the great work.  Its clean, affordable and soooo many things to do!!!

Patricia R. of Marshalls Creek, PA writes:  My children, my husband and I all love the Land of Make Believe.  We have been coming here since our children were just one years old.  We have been back every year since!

Albert P. of Sparta, NJ writes:  You guys are famous.  I grew up in NJ.  Ive always loved your park since I was a kid.  My kids are 4 and 3, and whenever we pass the exit for LOMB on Rt 80, the kids want to go.  I think they are almost old enough.  Cant wait to see the looks on their faces as they have sooooo much fun!  Long live LOMB!!!

Greg C. of Keedysville, MD writes:  Ah, the memories flooded back.  I was on the train this morning, commuting to work reading the Express (In Washington DC) and spotted an article that was about Story Book Forest in PA.  I spent many happy summers in the 60s and 70s at my Grandmothers house in Budd Lake, NJ, and took many, many day trips to the Land of Make Believe.  Im so happy its still around.  I can now bring my son there and share the fun I had back then!

Trisha H. of Levittown, PA writes:  The park is the best I have ever been to.  I have twin girls and they are 4 years old.  I would recommend this park to everyone.  The rides are fantastic, the food and the Water Park are also a big hit in my book.  Very clean!!!  Keep up the great work.

Anthony R. of Monroe, NY writes:  A fellow worker (Amy D.) goes on and on about LOMB.  We normally go to Rye Playland.  Amy says that I should go see what I am missing!

Carmen H. of Jersey City, NJ writes:  The first time I went there was on a field trip from my daughters school, and now we enjoy it every summer.  We really have fun there!!

Stephanie A. of Neptune, NJ writes:  I saw a TV ad and my son said, Mommy, theres where I want my birthday to be spent!  I looked up the info on the computer and saw it was a lot less than Great Adventure.  I also found a new place where they have a lot more stuff for younger children, like my son.  That place is LOMB.  Thanks.

Carol S. of Phillipsburg, NJ writes:  My favorite place to relax, have fun on a day off!!  Ive passed it on to my children.  We love it!

Craig B. of Budd Lake, NJ writes:  My parents took me and my sisters when I was little.  I always thought the park was a great value, but didnt realize how much of a value until I went to Sesame Place too much $, to few rides, too hot and too crowded.  They (Sesame Place) may have the hype, but for quality and value, Land of Make Believe is the best!  See you folks tomorrow with my two kids, and my three nieces.  (5 adults along too)!

Margaret C. of Belleville, NJ writes:  Youre just the greatest and bring back so many wonderful memories.  Now my children will hopefully do the same.  Santa is still the best!

Laura B. of Patchogue, NY writes:  We hope to take our 6 year old daughter this weekend.  I just heard about LOMB and it looks very entertaining for the kids and adults alike!  Well skip Great Adventure!

Khalid S. of Newark, NJ writes: I love the waterpark.  Has great rides.  Best place I have ever been to!

Joni L. of Hamburg, NJ writes:  Had lots of fun!!!

Heidi of Parsippany, NJ writes:  I love taking my kids along with my 2 sisters and their kids every year.  It is a blast!!  Thank you sooo much for making this a great place to come and chill.

Aileen C. of North Bergen, NJ writes:  My family and myself visited the Land of Make Believe on August 4, 2006.  We had a blast!  We have an 8 year old son, a 6 year old daughter, and a 6 month old little girl.  We all found something to interest us in your park.  My son enjoyed the Pirates Peak with his father!  My daughters enjoyed Pirates Cove.  My husband and myself enjoyed the water slides and the food!!  Thank you very much for a great day of family fun.  We hope to visit the park again next year!

Margaret R. of Bronx, NY writes:  My family and I first visited Land of Make Believe last year, when my grandchildren were four and two years old.  We had a wonderful time.  Your park is such a great place for us to enjoy time together.  One of the first things we planned for this summer was our day at LOMB.  Thank you for this family-friendly park.  We cant wait until our next visit.

Jean S. of Virginia Beach, VA writes:  Growing up in NJ, I have gone to Land of Make Believe almost every year since I was three years old.  As we grew older, my parents began to take the grandchildren there, but of course my brother and sisters and I had to go along to reminisce.  Now I bring my grandchildren when we go home to NJ to visit.  It is truly a wonderful place and our family has so many memories and pictures over the years.  Thank you for keeping this family park open all these years!

Suzanne O. of Great Meadows, NJ writes:  I have been going to LOMB on a yearly basis since the early 90s.  It is easy to get to and very affordable.  Most of all its CLEAN!!!!!  Its good for all ages, young and old alike.  Its a great family park!!

Patricia L. of Easton, PA writes:  I have great memories as a child with my 8 sisters and brothers when our parents took us here.  It was a wonderful place to go and has become my 5 childrens place to go for the varieties of things to do.  From the water rides and pool for the little ones to the park for a picnic and rides to the games and plays that you put on.  Its a great day out for all who go there.  And I always tell friends and co-workers about the place, and they agree with me after a visit there.  Keep up the wonderful job of keeping it the place it is and for adding even more things that we have all come to enjoy.  See you all this summer again.

Tracy G. of Edison, NJ writes:  I have been bringing my children to LOMB every year for the past 5 years.  They are now all old enough where they can each enjoy every ride and attraction that LOMB has to offer.  We look forward to coming to the park every year!

Dina of Yelm, WA writes:  My grandparents live in New Jersey and every summer we pack a lunch and head to Land of Make Believe.

David S. of Palisades Park, NJ writes:  This is the number one park to take your family.  It is family oriented and affordable, better than any other action park on the east coast.  I recommend this park to any and everyone.

Nadine S. Monmouth Jct, NJ writes:  Its a wonderful, wonderful place

Patricia P. of Coram, NY writes:  My sister and I have many memories at the park, and my husband and I took our 6 year old daughter there about 2 years ago.  We are planning to go back again this year and take my sister with us.  The last time I was there it was like reliving my childhood again with Santa and the Candy Cane Forest.  Thank You

Charlie V. of Old Bridge, NJ writes:  It is GREATTTTTTTT!!!!

Shannon R. of Staten Island, NY writes:  I have been going to LOMB since I was 2 and still come here now that Im 15!!!!  My mom loves coming here just as much as I do because it has a safe family environment!!!

Barbara H. of Long Valley, NJ writes:  What a wonderful place for me to bring my grandson.  I have 4, and every year the whole family gets together and we come here.  My grandson has MD and I will treasure every time we have been there.  He just loves it.  Thank you for a great place to bring the whole family.

LeeAnn G. of Kunkletown, PA writes:  My first real vivid memory as a child was the day I visited Land of Make Believe!  I was barely 5 years old and in Kindergarten.  I can remember going on a train, climbing ropes in a ball pit, playing in a barn, and using my imagination.  Im now a wife and mother of two beautiful children, and I cant wait to take them where I found my imagination.  As an adult you lose that part of you, but when I return to my first memory it all comes back, and now I can create more memories one day with my children at Land of Make Believe.  Thank You!

Donna B. of Ocean Twp, NJ writes:  I think that the prices are more than reasonable and the rides are very nice.  The park is very clean.  We like coming every year.

Michelle of Glendale, NY writes:  Love, love, love this place!!  Our kids had a ball.  We will definitely be returning!

Virginia W. of E. Stroudsburg, PA writes:  10 years ago I was taking my daughter to Hershey Park from NJ, and all she kept saying was Are we there yet??  As I was running out of ways to say No, not yet, -- there was your sign.  So we got off the exit and stopped in.  Now shes 14 and we have visited numerous times.  I now have a 6 year old and we live in PA, so its his turn to experience the fun!!

Justin of Bloomingdale, NJ writes:  Best water park in NJ and best water park that I have ever been to.

Mark F. of Bayonne, NJ writes:  I am 7 years old.  Im hoping my Mommy and Daddy will take me to Land of Make Believe.  It looks like fun on the commercial.

Mimi of CA writes:  Were from Los Angeles and we came to NY for an extended vacation.  We went to lots of water parks, but our favorite was Land of Make Believe!!  It was really fun!!

Sara S. of Hackettstown, NJ writes:  I absolutely love the Black Hole and the Sidewinder.  Everything that has to do with the water at the park is GREAT.  The food is delicious (especially the cheese fries).  The lifeguards and other staff are so polite and the gift shop is the BEST.  I love to play the games, even if Ive outgrown them a bit.  No matter what the conditions are, I ALWAYS act in the castle theatre play every time I go to LOMB.  I love this place X3!!

S.W. of Neptune, NJ writes:  I used to come to Land of Make Believe when I was a little girl.  Now I would like to bring my children and grandchildren.

Jamie P. of Trenton, NJ writes:  I used to come to your park when I was a child.  I love your park and I am very excited to bring my son there for the very first time so he can enjoy it as much as I did.

Felicia C. of Bronx, NY writes:  I took my grandchildren to the park 8 years ago and we make a trip at least 4 times in the summer.  In fact, we were there last Sunday, July 30th, and enjoyed it.  We even got a DVD of our grandchildren in the theatre.  My grandkids were princesses and trolls.

Kevin C. of West Caldwell, NJ writes:  LOMB is so much fun!  I go every year with my mom, dad, brother and sister and we have a blast!!  Im 14 and I still love this place, the water park is so much fun and I love hwy they get something new every year!  Even the parents have fun because there is something to do for all ages.

Kimberly F. of Phillipsburg, NJ writes:  My children and I visited your park on Friday, July 28.  We had a wonderful time!  Your staff is very courteous and kind.  The people that run the rides, the way they help the children, I was so impressed.  It made my day!  Thank you for a wonderful day!!!!  I am going to purchase season tickets next year.  We need to visit more often!  THANKS! 

Mia M. of South Plainfield, NJ writes:  Ive been going for years, first with my niece and nephews, now with my children.  I love the LOMB.  Its so child friendly and affordable.  Every year I go and bring new friends and introduce them to LOMB.

Kim C. of Dumont, NJ writes:  We were there today (first time this year) and had a wonderful day (as always)!  My two children, (Nicolas, now 7 and Alexandra, age 9), LOVE your place, and Nicolas especially enjoyed the new body slide, Pirates Plunge.

H. Felix of Stanhope, NJ writes:  My family and I love LOMB!  We return every year a few times because its so close to home!  We love that the rides are unlimited and the water park is so much fun for old and young.  Its Jerseys best kept secret!  SHHHH! 

Donna W. of Vernon, NJ writes:  What a wonderful Magical place to take children 12 and under.  Great for toddlers.  We brought our children when they were young and now they bring our grandchildren.  The water park is fabulous.  Wish they had it years ago when my children were young!

Carolyn K. of Clifton, NJ writes:  We started visiting LOMB a few years ago, and the kids keep asking if we can go back (even though theyre a little older now)!  Its the most reasonable amusement park/water park for the family we can find and the only one with free parking!

Stephanie C. of Lodi, NJ writes:  I (WE) love Land of Make Believe.  My oldest son is 14 years old now and weve been going there since he was two.  I have two other boys now and the older boys still enjoy LOMB.  They especially enjoy the water rides and seeing how much fun their 4 year old brother has there.  We love the whole family atmosphere!  Dont change.  I tell everyone about LOMB.

Carmine B. of Bayonne, NJ writes:  We have made many family trips in 1997-98 with our first set of twins.  Our girls enjoyed it and not its time for their twin brothers to share the same experiences.  Thank you Land of Make Believe.

Victoria H. & family of Little Falls, NJ writes:  Our kids love the Land of Make Believe.  They have a great time there.  We are there every summer.  Thank you very much.

Reilly B. of Brick, NJ writes:  Very, very fun.  Very, very, very fun and I am not kidding.

Angela R. of Brick, NJ writes:  Very, very, very, very, very, very fun.

Leueen T. of Staten Island, NY writes:  I have been going to Land of Make Believe for years.  I first went there when my children were young (this was before any of your water attractions).  Many years ago, I saw an advertisement in my towns paper (Staten Island Advance) and decided to take a ride to see what was offered.  I found it to be very enjoyable and it was very reasonably priced.  I have been going to Land of Make Believe since the late 1980s.  I have brought many friends and family there over the years.  They too, have enjoyed going there and have told their friends and family as well.  I would like to now start bringing my grandchildren there as they are just old enough to enjoy this place.


Carol W. of Flemington, NJ writes:  I was so impressed with the cleanliness of LOMB when I visited last week on Friday, July 7, 2006 with my grandchildren.  The water park was clean and the bathrooms were spotless.  We cant wait to visit again next year.

Mary S. of Easton, PA writes:  Wonderful place, wish I had visited years ago.  Finally a place to visit that all my kids love, from my 2 year old to 5 and 9 year olds.  Its a much needed miracle!!  Thanks for keeping it affordable.

Evangeline V. of Bronx, NY writes:  I love the Land of Make Believe!

Cynthia F. of New York, NY writes:  I have been there about three times.  Every time I go I have a wonderful time.

Nicole (location unknown) writes:  The parks attractions grow every year!!  I basically grew up in this park.  I come every year expecting the same old same old, and thats not what I get.  I get a whole lot more!!

Carol S. of West Keansburg, NJ writes:  My children, grandchildren and myself visited last summer and had a wonderful, wonderful time.  Thank you for your very reasonable prices, from admission to your food to your souvenirs.  We plan on visiting again this summer.

Mikey C. of Randolph, NJ writes:  I am 11 and every year since I was 2 we have gone to Land of Make Believe.  I enjoyed it more than the other water parks in New Jersey or Pennsylvania!!  ILL BE BACK THIS YEAR!!

Tara W. of Bethlehem, PA writes:  We really enjoyed the park.  It was just perfect for a day away.  We are hoping to visit soon again.

Gloria C. of Maywood, NJ writes:  We usually go there every year at least 10 times, and everybody (children and adults) have a good time.

Michele F. of Far Rockaway, NY writes:  My family and I visited LOMB a few years ago and had so much fun.  I think I had more fun than the kids.

Catherine M. of Paterson, NJ writes:  I think its great that you have a water park near where I live.  My kids love going to the Land of Make Believe.  We go every summer and they can get enough of it.  I want to thank you for having this water park for children.

Nicola P. of Mount Vernon, NY writes:  When I went my kids had so much fun.  They had a blast!

Kathleen B. of Brick, NJ writes:  Our first trip to LOMB was this past Fathers Day.  I have a 3 year old and a 6 year old and both of them had a blast.  The park is so relaxing and laid back, not like a lot of other amusement parks.  My 6 year old said to me Mom, this is the best day of my life!!  Even though its a 2 hour trip from our house, well be going to LOMB a lot this summer.  Thanks for a great time.

Robin N. of Wantage, NJ writes:  I think this is a great place.  Its safe, clean, and all my children love it here.

Janil R. of Bronx, NY writes:  I love this park very much.  The lines are not long, it is not crowded and the picnic area is great.  I also enjoy the show where the kids get to participate.  Thanks for letting me share with you.

Sierra J. of Prospect Park, NJ writes:  The Land of Make Believe is a great place for the whole family.  The park is clean and safe for everyone.  The prices are affordable.  My family enjoys going every summer.

Linda S. of Rockaway, NJ writes:  Love the park and the water park.  We have 3 grandchildren and we absolutely love Land of Make Believe.

Felicia D. of Ringwood, NJ writes:  I have enjoyed Land of Make Believe before there were water rides.  I think its a very affordable summer getaway.

Marc M. of North Arlington, NJ writes:  First time visitor.  My 4 year old daughter love seeing Santa and went back to see him two times.  Its a safe environment, perfect for children with plenty of shade and cool breezes on a hot summers day!  I would, correction, WILL recommend LOMB to all my friends with children.

Lisa M. of Carteret, NJ writes:  Every year we take a trip to Land of Make Believe.  The kids love it there!!  Its a long trip for us, but worth the ride!!!

Stephanie of Chester, NY writes:  It is unbelievable how much fun I had even with a little rain.

Beth T. of Newburgh, NY writes:  It was the best day ever for my 3 kids.  We will be back!!

Angelica M. of Elizabeth, NJ writes:  My mother used to take us here at least twice a month.  I enjoyed every bit of it.  Now I want my kids to experience the same.  That is have fun with the family and friends, something they would remember as they get older.  Thanks!

Edee B. of New York, NY writes:  I truly love the Land of Make Believe.  Its like a get away mini vacation from the city.  My kids just LOVE IT!!

Maria S. of Union, NJ writes:  My daughter and my whole family love Land of Make Believe.  We have enjoyed going there every summer since my daughter was a year old and now she is 12.  There is no other park that my daughter would enjoy more than Land of Make Believe.

Vickie I. of Paterson, NJ writes:  This is a great place to take your family and not go broke!  My two kids ages 1 & 4 had a fantastic time, and I enjoyed myself as well.  Please dont change your park and keep it accessible to all families.

Cheryl W. of Ottsville, PA writes:  We just had a wonderful family day at your park!! (July 12, 2006)  It is by far the most family-friendly amusement park that I have ever visited.  The staff was friendly and courteous actually helpful!  Thanks so much for a great day we will be sure to spread the word about how much fun we had.

Ellen C. of Bloomindale, NJ writes:  MY KIDS LOVE IT!!

Shalini H. of Jamaica, NY writes:  I have a 5 year old daughter and a 17 month old.  We have been visiting LOMB since my daughter was 1, and she loves it there.  Its a place where the whole family has a good time.  We make a trip every summer.

Eddie H. of Carlstadt, NJ writes:  You have a great park.  My kids, and even us parents, have had and always will have a blast there.  Keep expanding the park.  I know for a fact you have the best park in Jersey.

Ms. Dee of St. Albans, NY writes:  The Little Critters Day Care program has featured Land of Make Believe as our #1 Family Day Trip for the past 6 years.  We love the family oriented water park & rides.

Melanie G. of Paterson, NJ writes:  Land of Make Believe is unbelievable.  The attractions are great.  I love how the park is clean and not dirty, and how there is a lot of things to keep you entertained.  I love Land of Make Believe.

Jairo C. of Teaneck, NJ writes:  This is a very safe place to enjoy with family. Thanks.

Melisa F. of Mount Vernon, NJ writes:  I have been to the Land of Make Believe before and its very fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morgan of Bernardville, NJ writes:  It looked so much fun when we were looking at the website.  We all couldnt wait to go and when we finally went it was the bomb!  I live in Florida but am from NJ and this water park is great.  I mean, they have a lot of water parks up there but not like LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE!!!  It was so great and fun.  I wish I could go the whole summer!!

Cris G. of Bergenfield, NJ writes:  I took my three kids there today (ages 10, 9, and 5).  I LOVED IT!!!  It was not crowded at all, the place is a manageable size (we saw the whole thing from 11am to closing), and the price is reasonable.  I had more fun today than any day I was at Disney World this past April during Spring Break!!

Angie of NY, NY writes:  WOW! This is a really great waterpark.  Me and my family have been going since I was 8, and now Im 13 and I still love everyday we go.  My brother loves it!  We LOVE the water rides and we never want to go home!  We really enjoy going every summer.

Lisa C. of Paterson, NJ writes:  I visit there every year and love it.  Every time summer gets here, I think of Land of Make Believe.  I feel like a kid again.  My children always say to me Mommy calm down.  They also love it too.  It is safe for my children, which is very important to me.  I can say much more.  However, I can say this keep up the good work.

Kim C. of Dumont, NJ writes:  A very good friend took us there 4 years ago.  We have been coming twice every summer since!  This morning we are coming down for the 3rd time this summer and bringing some other friends.  My children, Nicolas, 6 and Alexandra, 8 are SO excited when we go!  Like your commercial says, We love this place!

Alyssa S. of Montvale, NJ writes:  Land of Make Believe is the best place in the world!  Its cheap, has great food, great rides, and not long lines for each ride!!!

Samantha T. of Budd Lake, NJ writes:  I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert A. of West Milford, NJ writes:  Just took my grandkids (girl 3 and boy 9) there on August 17, 2005.  Thought I was going to be bored but was truly impressed.  We all had a great time.  Youve made this great place for families to enjoy themselves and each other.  Thank you.

Edward D. of Great Neck, NY writes:  I think Land of Make Believe is the greatest water park in the world.

C. David K. of Mount Pocono, PA writes:  Been going to Land of Make Believe since 1973

Marilyn C. of Sayreville, NJ writes:  Our older children are in their 30s now and weve been there many, many times.  Ive taken my girl scout troops there.  Now we have adopted a little girl, and we have taken her there several times and her and her friends love it.  So keep up the good work!  Its nice to have such a pleasant family park to go to.

Christine M. of Staten Island, NY writes:  I could not believe how wonderful this waterpark was.  It was exactly what I was looking for as a parent of a young child.  I have alerted all of my friends and family to this amazing place, and we have taken group trips the last 4 years.  My son frequently requests visits and even wants to have his 7th birthday party there.  Just an amazing place with family needs as a top priority.

Diane L. of Newport, NC writes:  WOW, moving to NC 14 years ago, I tell everyone how theres nothing here for the kids to do and I always talk about how NJ has so much to offer the children.  I was born & raised in NJ.  When my kids were little, every summer I took them to the Land of Make Believe.  I still have the pictures.  Wonderful place.  Even better to hear youre still there!


Julie R. of Brooklyn, NY writes:  I love this park for the whole family.  Excellent park and service.

Marie M. of Linden, NJ writes:  I am the mother of a 19 year old son with Autism.  At the young age of two my son began his visits to Land of Make Believe.  Thank you for reaching my son and giving him the pleasure that most children feel when they are truly happy.  At 19 my son still LOVES Land of Make Believe.

Jose and Ethan of Budd Lake, NJ writes:  I love the Land of Make Believe.  Its the best place in the whole world!!!

Mary M. of Pen Argyl, PA writes:  I just have to tell you, years ago I took my children who now are 25 and 23 years old.  It was a great park to go to then.  But I have to say I took my granddaughter last year, WOW, was I surprised when we arrived and I saw how much the park changed, but I was really glad to see you still had Santas Barn.  We had a great day and we are coming back this summer.  I cant wait to take my granddaughter in the water park and to see her face when she sees Santa again.  I know it will be great!  And I just have to say the price is great!  Times are hard, but it feels great to be able to go to a park as nice as LOMB and not go broke.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Cristina P. of Staten Island, NY writes:  I have to say that your park is the greatest!!  We went last year with my 8 year old daughter and my 1 year old niece, and they both had a GREAT time.  Its so family oriented.  Its very safe and friendly and I just wanted to thank you.  We are planning our next trip soon with my girlfriends and the kids.  Keep up the great work!!  Thank you again.

Ryan F. of Pompton Plains, NJ writes:  I went to LOMB with my mom, brother, and friends, and had the best time of my life.  I am going back again with my mom and dad this time, so that he can see for himself the fun.  I have not been able to stop talking about the greatest time Ive ever had.


Victoria of Glendale, NY writes:  I LOVE the Land of Make Believe!!!!  Its not too big, its not too small, its just right.  I love all the rides and activities.  I have gone 3 times to celebrate my birthday.  Its the best family theme park you can ever find!!!!!

Brittany C. of Colonial Beach, VA writes:  I visited your park when I was a kid and now as an adult, I cant wait to go back with my daughter!  The LOMB is the best theme park around!!

Nickita R. of Highland Park, NJ writes:  You guys are great!!

Lisamarie B. of Shirley, NY writes:  In todays world it is very difficult to find affordable things to do with children that also appeals to adults.  Your park meets all the criteria for a most enjoyable family experience.  We will be returning in August to bring my niece who is 23 months old.  We cant wait to see her face as she experiences all your wonderful park has to offer.  Thank you for making it a magical place that is affordable to all.  Warmest regards.

Patty S. of Plains, PA writes:  Yesterday, August 15th, I brought my children, ages 8 and 11 and my two nieces, ages 11 and 13 to Land of Make Believe.  I was last there more than 35 years ago, as best as I can remember.  My other sister and her children, ages 4, 5, and 7 joined us.  They had visited LOMB a year or two ago, as well.

We had a wonderful time!  The kids loved the water rides and had a blast.  I was not nervous to let them go on the rides while I waited below.  But the highlight of my day was visiting Santas Barn.  On the way there my sister and I talked about our visit there as children, and how our brother was so scared that he never made it through the Haunted House.  I said to my sister, Remember when we saw Santa he gave us red cookie cutters.  My sister is younger than me, and she had no recollection of this.  I was happy to see that the Candy Cane Forest was still there, near Santa.  When I walked into the barn, it was exactly as I had remembered!  And Santa handed each of the children a red cookie cutter, I became all teary!  (My kids think I am nuts for things like this!)  It was so nice to know that certain good things have remained the same over the years.

I hope that Land of Make Believe continues to create good memories for families (as it has done for my family) and continues to hand out red cookie cutters for 50 more years!

Thomas L. of Union, NJ writes:  My son thinks next to Disney youre the bestest thing on earth!!!!

The Pollock Family of Staten Island, NY writes:  We were there last week and the new slide is awesome.  My son, granddaughter and myself tried it and we had a great time.  My son and I also enjoyed the Sidewinder.  I hope you keep adding new attractions to this wonderful park.  This is truly a Family Park.

Lisa L. of Washington Twp, NJ writes:  We visited Land of Make Believe today with our 3 kids, age 3, 7, and 10.  Its so nice to have a place to go with the children that is so much fun.  The kids had a blast and we cold let them go on all the rides without being worried about big groups of unruly children running around unsupervised, like many of the other amusement parks.  Your park is a great family place and we are so happy that you dont let school groups or camps come in the summer.  There arent any places that are just for families with young children.  We will be back next year for sure!

Kim B. of Woodridge, NJ writes:  We have been coming here for 12 years now.  My parents used to bring me here when I was younger, but it was nothing like it is now.  We tell all our friends to come here.  It is such a great place.  We come several times over the summer because it is very affordable and the kids have an absolutely great time and so do we.  We have 3 girls 13, 5 and 2 years old.  We bring my oldest daughters friend and they go and do their own thing without us worrying about them because of all the lifeguards on duty.  We love the bathing suit policy much cleaner!  It is about a one hour drive from where we live and it is worth it!!  I just wish you could stay open until 8pm.  Thanks for making our summer days fun!  I even did a scrapbook page of one of our days here.  I tell people that it is so nice you dont even have to have kids to come here!  Great for adults too!

Alexa J. of Staten Island, NY writes:  I am very excited about your park!  I love family oriented, non-commercialized parks!  I cant wait to visit!  Thanks for keeping with traditions.

Amy S. of Andover, NJ writes:  I cant believe all the improvements that have been made in the past 15 years.  Amazing place to bring the family!  Thanks to all at the Land of Make Believe!!!!

Joseph B. of West Paterson, NJ writes:  This was our second trip to LOMB and we enjoyed it even more.  We are always pleasantly surprised by the friendly, family-oriented atmosphere.  The staff is always courteous and the prices are always reasonable.  LOMB is our new favorite family fun park!

Nellie of Elizabeth, NJ writes:  I have to say that this is the best kiddie park there is.  My family has lots, I mean lots of fun when we go there.  We go almost every weekend when my husbands not working.  We cant seem to get enough, everyone is just too friendly and we always have a great time.  This park is just perfect for children.  There are no pushing in lines, everyones just friendly, and thats why we love the Land of Make Believe.

Karen W. of Westbrookville, NY writes:  I love to bring my daughter to your park.  I have been bringing her there for several years.  There are not groups of rude teenagers hanging around and it is a safe and relaxing setting.  We really enjoy our time spent here.  I truly hope you keep the family oriented atmosphere alive in your park for many years to come.  THANK YOU.

Marilee O. of Morrisville, PA writes:  My father and mother brought me to the Land of Make Believe when I was a little girl.  My favorite was the Talking Scarecrow.  Man, was I scared when I heard him call me by my name.  My husband and I brought our daughter there when she was 2 and she had a great time.  She is now 7 and I hope to bring her back this year.  Thanks for the memories.


Nellie M. of Bronx, NY writes:  Ive been visiting the park for the past 5 years with my daughter.  She takes her kids every summer.  This summer we will be taking my youngest grandson, 20 months old.  I know he will have a great time like my other grands did!!!  I recommend this park to all my friends who have young children or grandchildren.

Yolanda C. of Paterson, NJ writes:  I love LOMB.  I never went as a child so I did not know what I missed till I took my kids 2 years ago for the first time.  Its a relaxing place for parents, small & cozy so you can watch your kids and not worry of where they are.  I love it!!!

Alicia A. of Wharton, NJ writes:  When I was a little girl I went for the first time with my preschool, and my family took me every year after that.  Now Im 26 and have 2 children and I have taken them every year.  I think I enjoy it more than they do.

Shari G. of Plainview, NY writes:  We visited last summer of 2004 with my husband and two kids.  We had the best time ever.  We will be visiting every summer starting this August of 2005.

Rita S. of North Bergen, NJ writes:  Great affordable fun for the whole family.  Love the water park, Santa, and Medieval Theater!

Dorothy K. of Greenwood Lake, NY writes:  I have been coming to Land of Make Believe for 20 years.  My youngest is now 23 and hes the one I started coming with and have been coming every year since.  I love the fact that I watched LOMB grow as it has, and all the new advancements that have been made, especially the water.  When I started, it was just rides and enjoyed it them too.  I am so glad to watch it grow as it has.  I bring my grandchildren and they look forward to it all the time.  So I am starting with the newer grandchildren.  See you soon.

Carmen J. of Garfield, NJ writes:  My daughter enjoys very much going there as well as I, being her mom.  Its fun!!!

Devash P. of Netcong, NJ writes:  I have been going to the Land of Make Believe since I was 5!!!  ITS STILL LOADS OF FUN!!!  Great place to bring kids and teens!

Carol L. of Bedminster, NJ writes:  Had a wonderful day there today, June 21, 2005.  Lovely weather, uncrowded park, friendly employees.  My friends and I were marveling that in this day and age of amusement parks price gouging at every opportunity, LOMB continues to be fairly priced and family-friendly without all the annoying additional costs associated with those other places No parking lot fees, picnic food is allowed and encouraged (and food and concessions are reasonably priced)!  We were astonished that you sold childrens bathing suits (for families who might have forgotten one) for $8 comparable to K-Mart!  Thanks so much you continue to be an outstanding destination and a summer favorite for our family.

Sherri R. of Brooklyn, NY writes:  A Great Adventurous Place!! Thanks Land of Make Believe!!

Donna W. of Vernon, NJ writes:  We have taken our children to Land of Make Believe and are so glad we now have grandchildren to take so we can come back and visit.  A wonderful place for children of all ages.

Amanda B. of Piscataway, NJ writes:  Ever since I can remember my family has taken at least one trip every summer to the Land of Make Believe.  Its wholesome, warm and friendly environment is timeless and cannot be surpassed by any other theme park.  This small parks charm is classic and I hope the park continues to bring smiles to the faces of children for many years to come.

Calista D. of Congers, NY writes:  The Land of Make Believe is my favorite place in the whole world!

Sherri B. of Sewanee, TN writes:  Thought youd like this My husband is working in China this summer and asked my girls (5 and 9) if they would like to come visit.  Given the choice between two weeks in China and a day at LOMB they chose YOU!

Lori T. of Washington, NJ writes:  Love the place.  I tell all my friends about it.  I always recommend LOMB to my friends with small children and grandchildren.

Juan & Conchita of Jersey City, NJ writes:  We think that the LOMB is a terrific place to have fun together with family and friends.  Our kids love going there and they just cant wait for our fun day there this year.  Looking forward to seeing you soon.  Thanks and keep up the good work.

Jarrett of Brooklyn, NY writes:  Your park has the best water rides.  My name is Jarrett and I am 12 years old and I still go there.  It is so much fun!

Nadia A. of Bayonne, NJ writes:  THE PARK IS AWESOME!

George DeM. Of Morristown, NJ writes:  My wife and I first came to LOMB in 2002 when our son was 18 months old.  We were delighted with your parks safety, cleanliness, innocence and FUN.  We returned for the fourth time on June 5, 2005, and had the best time ever!  We do many things during the summer months, but LOMB is always the most fun.  Cannot imagine a summer without going to LOMB!

Ebony N. of Ellenville, NY writes:  My son and I really enjoyed our experience visiting your theme park last summer.

Joyce, Andrea, and Grandma C. of East Orange, NJ writes:  I have been coming to LOMB for the past 18 years with my daughter who is now 18 and nieces, nephews, church members, friends, and neighbors.  There is something for everyone of all ages.  I round up as many children as my car can hold and off we go to LOMB.  Thank you for such an affordable, safe, family friendly fun place to stay cool.  Please dont ever leave.

Jamie W. of Hollywood, FL writes:  I visited the park many times as a child with my parents during the 60s, before moving to Florida.  This summer Im taking my parents back to visit.  See you soon!

Angie R. of Nanuet, NY writes:  I loved the park because all the rides are safe and fun for the kids.  My five year old son had so much fun last summer he still remembers and wants to go back.

Diane M. of Yardley, PA writes:  My children have enjoyed going to the Land of Make Believe for the past 10 years.  They range in age from 10 to 18 and want to return again this year!

Anne Marie H. of Aransas Pass, TX writes:  We have visited your waterpark every year we go home to visit and this year is no exception.  My daughter and I have a ball when we come.  Thank you.  That is why we are trying to win free tickets!

Barbara H. of Newark, NJ writes:  My husband is a school bus driver and took a field trip there.  He wants us to go back and take our 2 year old.  He says it is the perfect park for her age group.  After viewing the website I am 100% in agreement.  I am looking forward to coming this summer!

Jacqueline S. of Paterson, NJ writes:  I always bring my children for sheer fun for one day.  Its like one stop shopping wherein you play, eat, then play again.  At the end of the day the family is exhausted, but a lovable exhaustion.

The Bryce Family of Staten Island, NY writes:  I absolutely think the place is great.  Ive told all my friends and their families about Land of Make Believe.  We love it.

Michelle S. of Newton, NJ writes:  I have been coming to Land of Make Believe since I was my sons age.  I am so lucky that this great park is so close to my home so that the park can start creating his magical memories just as it did for me.

Jessica S. of Breezy Point, NY writes:  My sister and I love coming here every year just as much as my Mom did when she was little.

Joe C. of Oradell, NJ writes:  The LOMB is the best park in the US.  I come here every summer.  It is a treat for me and my little sister.  We love LOMB.  I just cant wait for this year to come to LOMB.  I am going on the new rides like the Sidewinder and the Pirates Cannonbowl.  It is going to be the best summer ever.  If I had a choice I would like to live at LOMB because I would like to go on my favorite rides there every day.

Geri N. of Liberty, NY writes:  Today my friend and I took a day trip with our children to Land of Make Believe and had a WONDERFUL time.  I just loved the water park especially. Very clean and lots for the little kiddies to do, without being overwhelming.  Food was a great price, economical and a good quality as well.  We will be back!  Thanks.

The Sundolm Family of Ringwood, NJ writes:  We have been season pass holders for three years and my daughters (Catherine 5yrs & Mary 2.5 yrs) love Land of Make Believe.  They get so excited as the Park opens each year, it is so heartwarming to witness.  My husband and I love the wholesome atmosphere and since he is a stay at home Dad, he really enjoys taking the girls during the week.  It is so much fun!!

Kathy V. of Mercerville, NJ writes:  I love the Land of Make Believe.  My par

  • Sidewinder

  • Red Baron

  • Tilt-a-Whirl

  • Middle Earth Theatre

  • Cannon Ball

Free Parking, Free Picnic Area and Free Water Park
included with paid admission!

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